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Commissioned by the environmental protection facilities
Operation mode


Investment - upgraded
Operations - transfer mode


Construction investment
Operations - transfer mode


Industrial park comprehensive
Environmental services model


Technical solution - procurement - building


Sewage treatment technology products


Sludge overall solution

Smart water

Wisdom of water with cloud computing, big data, Internet and mobile applications for the technical basis, in combination with the practical situation of water supply enterprises, the operation of the organic integration of the water companies information, facilities, human resources, etc., the huge amounts of information based on scientific model to analyze in time, in a more scientific and careful way know water system of the production, management and service, so as to make the enterprise into a more "wisdom".

Hardware devices

Regional water supply pump station

Energy conservation and environmental protection, save a space

Intelligent control water supply system

Intelligent device, the APP remotely

The integration of urban drainage precast pumping station

Energy saving efficiency and equipment operation stability

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